Toward a New Administration - Welcome, Nixon!

Here we have an editorial from the 12/14/1968 issue of The Saturday Evening Post, wishing the new Nixon administration all the best. This has nothing to do with technology, or design, but it is obsolete! In a few short years, nobody had any warm feelings for old Dick except for maybe Karl Rove and Ben Stein... and probably George Herbert Wanker Bush. Anyway, it's an interesting read, just to hear somebody holding out a tiny shred of hope that Nixon would wind up being anything other than a total piece of shit. Aahroooo!

Also, please enjoy these YouTube videos of President Nixon as he appears on Futurama.


Steve Miller said...

This issue would have been one of the last, feeble gasps of breath for the SEP in its Philadelphia incarnation. After its closure, Curtis Publishing and its intellectual properties were scavenged by Indianapolis industrialist, entrepreneur, and politico Buert SerVass, who relaunched SEP as a sort of nostalgia publication. Jack 'n' Jill continued in Indianapolis, too, using the same art director who was with the magazine in Philadelphia. The Country Gentleman was relaunched and tottered along for a few years before it was again shuttered.

SEP mutated in the SerVass's hands, eventually being sized down from tabloid to standard trim size, running of the same crappy paper everyone else uses, and running editorial content that might be characterized as catering to the aging, right-wing hypochondriac. You may be able to find an even less-engaging version of the Post on a newsstand today.

Oddly enough, in the earlier days of the Indianapolis version, one of the contributing editors was a pleasant young woman named Julie Nixon Eisenhower.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Holy jeez, Steve! Thanks for the super-secret publishing geekdom! Was all that off the top of your head, or do you have a Research and Googling Brigade of your own?


Steve Miller said...
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