Blue Ridge Parkway, 1957

Joke #1 - "That's right, ladies. These wildflowers are a protected national treasure. So are these handcuffs. Let's go."

Joke #2 - "Boy am I glad to see you! Have you got anything to eat? And, could you drive me back to my squad car? Oh, you're not allowed to park that here. Would you mind terribly if I arrested you a little bit?"

Joke #3 - Suddenly, a ranger was there. Judy didn't know where he had come from. They were miles from anywhere, but there he was. Before she knew what was happening, little Gina was arrested for public urination.

Joke #4 - "I know this seems like an ideal spot, but I urge caution to any park visitors planning a pic-a-nic. These mountains are full of bears, and some of them are slightly smarter than your average bear. And a few of them wear hats. I know. Horrible."

Joke #5 - "I'm sorry, ma'am, but picking of state park flowers is prohibited. So is taking pictures of them. Also, looking at the flowers is prohibited. So is rolling your eyes about the flowers. No, ma'am, a heavy sigh is perfectly legal, but you're still under arrest for previous infractions."

Joke #6 - "Excuse me, little girl, you're not allowed to park that here. I'll have to ask you to move along."

Joke #7 - Judy didn't know how much longer she could keep the ranger distracted. Why didn't Loretta take the shot? Come on, Loretta, take the shot!"

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