Chef Distress

Joke #1 - "For the last time, sir... No, we do not know who stole the cookie from the cookie jar."

Joke#2 - "Yes, sir. We'll get this out right away. 'APB. Sexless white humanoid. Seven and a quarter inches tall. Blue doll-like eyes. Responds positively to poke in belly. Suspect is armed and presumed fresh.'"

Joke #3 - "Yes officer. I was robbed by a dozen youths. Three of them had a kind of glazed look to them. Some may have been filled with jelly. One had bear-like claws. I need you to send a squad around right away to apprehend them. ...That'll be six fifty."

Joke #4 - Within a few months of being test-marketed, the vend-a-cop program was discontinued, due to the difficulties involved in keeping the officers "fresh" long enough to be needed. For a short time afterwards, vend-a-cop machines were replaced with vend-a-corpse units, and then vend-a-bone dispensers, before being abandoned altogether.

Joke #6 - Scene from Frank Capra's underwhelming non-visionary 1934 film "Robo-Cop".

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Anonymous said...

"Unt who has ordered der von dozin doe-nots mitten der struddel toppingz?" "Yah? iz dere eny-won dere?" "Ahg! Dummköpfe!!" "Dis ting iz nien vorking!"

Yah! unt I tried. So zhoot me.


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