No post again! - Antiques Creepshow go-go Doll. (Put Laugh-In joke here.)

The temperature is under ninety degrees today, so we assume the first blizzard of the 2012-13 season is only a few weeks away. So, the staff at GO! Tower is having snow removal drills, in anticipation of the approaching winter. Also hypothermia casserole will be served in the commissary today.

Also, please fail to enjoy this freaky go-go girl doll, photographed in an actual display case in an actual antique store by one of our field scavengers. Observe her filthy face, and the half-assed manufacture of her basically cylindrical cheap-as-chips form. Don't forget to revile The Seventies.

(Internal memo: Remind me to have an intern write some kind of joke pertaining to the fact that this doll is fairly sock-shaped, and the popularity of the catch phrase "sock it to me" in the Laugh-In days of Goldie Hawn and her psychedelic bikini. When joke is complete, insert in title bar and delete this memo before posting.)


Anonymous said...

aWWWWWWwwwWW!!!? HulK sOck It To pHIL- pOOP!

LoVE, HulK :>

(hUlk MakE sMiley bIrd}

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