'67 Plymouth Belvedere - A better Belvederriere

Lots of cars on the road today have hideous C-pillars. It seems to be a "thing" lately - especially with SUVs, which suffer from an overcrowded marketplace and the fact that they're basically boxes that all look the same. The C pillar seems to be one place on the car where designers feel they can shoehorn in some "style" or "baffling ugliness". Lo and behold, it ain't a new thing. This Plymouth Belvedere has a gross C pillar (one man's opinion).

For those who care, the things that hold up your car's roof are called the "pillars" (duh). They're lettered on each side from front to back A,B,C, etc., depending on how many pillars that particular car has. Now that I look at it, this Belvedere has no pillar in the middle. Fancy. Auto makers sometimes like to show off by building a car with no B pillar for that "wide open" look on the sides. I'm pretty sure that means the back corners of the roof are still supported by the "C pillar", despite the absence of "B", but one of our more thoroughly auto-schooled commenters may set me straight if I'm wrong on that.

Any coolness gained by the pillarless B pillar of this Belvedere is pissed away by the wonky C pillar that's wider at the top than at the bottom (opinion). It looks like it was folded out of paper, and makes my eyes hurt.

Here are some current hideous C-pillars that may be sitting in your driveway this very moment (an opinion). I'm so sorry.

So what's to be done about this Belvedere? Fix it in the 'Shop, of course. Let's get out some wrenches. While we're at it, let's fix some other huge errors, like the glaring omission of a third axle. See? When you design down to a price point, you often have to cut the most coolest and most useful feature (may not match your opinion). You're welcome.

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Tim said...

The kink at the top where the triangle window meets the door glass is particularly jarring.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

THANK YOU! So I'm not crazy, then?


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