Sanitone - Talk to me, baby.

Sadly, there's nothing especially funny about this ad from 1949, but sometimes you gotta make your own fun. The art in this Sanitone advert is a potentially useful addition to your growing Phil Are GO! clip art collection. Got to leave a note on the fridge for your wife/child/husband? Let Madge here say it for you. It'll make whatever you say seem more upbeat and cheerful.

We are happy to present Madge in three ways. Two single images at 2000px high and 600px high, and one grid of her to print out and cut into inconveniently adhesive-free non-sticky notes to amuse and inform your family. You're welcome.

Use Madge to do the talking! Some serving suggestions include:

-"Eat anything you want in the fridge. P.S. I think my husband is beginning to suspect something."

-"You're fired!"

-"I know I should act impressed, but I know honesty is the basis of any healthy relationship."

-"You're not grounded. You'll find all your stuff on the lawn."

-"I assume you were golfing again?"

-"Hey! Nice dent in the car! Shall we fix it or would you rather eat next month?"

-"When you're done wolfing down your lovingly-prepared dinner, please take out the trash and sleep on the couch."

-"A burp is not foreplay."

-"Please sign these papers and return them to my lawyer's office."

Click for big.

Click for 2000px tall.

Click for 600px tall.

Click for 3000px tall.


Craig F. said...

Looks more like Insanitone.

Sean Michael Ragan said...

"Much more grows in the garden than that which is planted there."

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