1964 Indy 500 Program - Picture pages, picture pages...

Alert Reader Steve Miller sent in these pages scanned from an actual 1964 Indy 500 program. It's an avalanche of unnecessary quotation marks and (mostly) two-color printing. Also some great typography. Hats off to Steve! Don't forget to appreciate that in '64, anyone who wanted to see footage of old races on demand had to become a film hobbyist, buying a projector and ordering reels for the modern equivalent of $78 each. Now we have the FaceTube. This is better.

Back in '64, Indy cars were basically metal hot dogs with tall skinny wheels. Super cool. In later years, they would grow giant chrome trombones sticking out of the back, which amplified their glorious noise and their coolness by a billion percent.

We can only assume Steve was there at the '64 race. Sure, I wasn't born yet, but I'm still jealous.

Please enjoy the racial stereotyping of this Peugeot ad. Even the French make fun of the French? What goes on?


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