Data Privacy 1968 - Invaded privacy is not groovy, man.

Observe, you denizens of The Future. The Sixties were worried about data privacy too! Yes, friends, the things that passed for computers back then were already recording every pet rock sold, every bongload ripped, every time The Man had it stuck to him. All this information about America's grooviness was being recorded on punch cards, which could be read by ANY citizen, as long as he or she was a private investigator, political official or law enforcement officer with access to the right machine. The next generation of computers would make it even easier. Once you found the right spool of tape and threaded it into a refrigerator-sized tape machine, a file could be accessed in just four minutes. Jeepers!

Nothing cool in this box. Just some boring old
papers. Go back to your Lawn Jarts.
What ever would we do? Don't worry. Any minute now, they were going to pass a law to keep our punch cards locked inside a really heavy safe with a Mister Yuck sticker on it, to be sure nobody would ever want to look inside. Shew! That was close! Now, back to listening to The Nice.

Posted here for your entertainment are the fears and worries of our parents. Marvel at their adorable concerns. Guffaw at the tiny scope of the problem back then. Boggle that we somehow survived and are basically saying the exact same things about a problem exponentially larger. You're welcome.

Holy smokes. Such thighs!


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