Graphic Gift - Thoughtful spanking mother.

Hey, martial punishers! You know how you're always wanting that perfect piece of clip art to go with that memo about spanking your child, but you can never find the right one? It's true that most stock art libraries are pretty slim on images of mild child abuse. What's a parent to do? Well, this was found by a plucky new Images and Scanning Them associate in a 1957 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. It was part of an article called "Parental Violence - How Much is Too Much?" Maybe the teacher in the picture lost count? Maybe she forgot what the boy did to deserve physical brutality? Maybe he mentioned evolution in science class?

Now that it's been rescued from obscurity, maybe this image can help you understand when you've hit your child juuussst enough. Big and small versions available. Click through each to see it at natural reolution. Get your rude finger ready to right click these graphic gifts into a folder of parental wisdom in three, two, one... You're welcome!


Anonymous said...

It's another example of time travel and extemporaneous cell phone use!
"Yes, Mr. Jenkins, I spanked him thirteen times, just as you asked. He's squirming and crying, but he hasn't figured out what 13 times 6 is yet. Shall I hit him six more times?"

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