Household tips... from science!

If you're tired of the hassle associated with covering your sandbox and storing a sheet of plywood all winter long, why not simply disassemble your sandbox and store the sand in rows and rows of identical milk cartons?

Over the long winter, you can count your milk cartons and make sure the labels all face the same way. In addition, you can have fun making sure that each carton holds the exact same number of sand pieces. Don't forget to store and perfectly arrange every nail and board from the sandbox, too.

But EXTRA don't forget that those sand cartons make a handy hiding place for perfectly ordinary body parts, for those awkward occasions when the police get all jumpy over nothing.

This super neat fishbowl cover can be made from a hair net and some embroidery hoops. It prevents your fish from jumping out and dialing for help. Also, it prevents your cat from "fishing", provided your cat is not especially strong, not especially bored, not especially persistent, and doesn't have teeth or claws. Best of all, the net makes a handy strainer, making it quick and easy to feed your fish! Your time is valuable! Chicken bones, cigarette butts and doorknobs are easily strained out as you pour fish food into the bowl.


Steve Miller said...

When was the last time you saw a waxed paper milk carton, let alone one with a corner opening? OTOH, the nifty tip would have been "throw a couple of these cartons in your car trunk for those slippery winter driving conditions."

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