Little Ads - Self, improved! (Self not included.)

Anvil Brand work clothing makes it easy to build your own robot son, or perform simple home vaccinations on your flesh-son with tools found around the house.

LAYOUT ARTIST  "Should we put 'steering gear' nearer to the front of the car? After all, we're supposed to know about cars."

ART DIRECTOR  "It's fine. It's just a cloud of text around a car illustration. Stop being so literal."

LAYOUT ARTIST  "But we put 'front end' and 'rear end' in the right place. That implies that we're calling out parts of the car, and that we're trying to put the callouts near the parts they're associated with."

ART DIRECTOR  "I said it's fine. It's just an example of the things you can repair with our book. It's. Fine."

LAYOUT ARTIST  "...things they can repair with our book... which doesn't know which end steers the car."

ART DIRECTOR  "You're fired. Go clean out your desk."

LAYOUT ARTIST  "You always talk down to me. I think we should see other people."

ART DIRECTOR  "Fine! GREAT! And, I might as well tell you that all those 'frivolous' quotation marks you made us pull out? They're going back in!"

Learn While asleep! Sleep while choosing illustrations for ads! Not associated with manufacturers of Mystical Hover-Hat. Also not affiliated with National Oyster Foundation.


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