Plugmold - A fantasy of wires.

It looks like Plugmold was (UPDATE: "...IS a system...")a system of electrical conduit mounted on the surface of your walls that allowed you to have an outlet every 30 inches or so. I'm all in favor or that. However, in their product shot, Plugmold have shown us a glimpse into the beautiful fantasy world in which you have   electrical stuff on all your walls with the cords proudly displayed dangling down to your brilliant new Plugmold system. Whee.

I had a hard time deciphering the joke in the little scenario. Were we supposed to be impressed that you could use a soldering iron within feet of a baby's crib? In the end, I figured out that this woman's house was so electrically optimized, thanks to Plugmold, that an electronics shop had moved into her baby's room. Oh, those Plugmold jokers. What shenanigans they get up to!

Plugmold. Dare to dream.

Yeah, that's great and all, but look at that overposed lady, doing the standard 1950's "aghast and surprised" reaction. She's good enough to react to almost anything. If only someone would cut her out of her ad so she can find new employment being horrified at all sorts of things. Wedding invitations, phone bills, death certificates. She can improve just about anything with her permanent state of dainty horror (see below).

Here, let me get that for you. Scared fifties lady on transparent background. Big and small versions. Get your rude finger ready to right click her into your heart in three, two, one...

Big version.

Less big version.

Click for big.


Anonymous said...

What ocean liner-sized thing is "handyman husband with the square head" building on the improvised work space instead of on the acres of counter behind him - and why is he set up in the nursery? No wonder "drama queen wifey" is freaking out - her idea of babysitting didn't include third degree soldering iron burns on babykins!

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

A fair question, Anon. On the floor I see an oscilloscope sort of thing, and a multimeter on the table next to the ocean liner. I'm going to assume that the huge project is either a hearing aid or a rectal endoscope.

Thanks for reading, Anon!


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