Little Ads - The Return of Even More Gift Ideas.

Should have been posted last week in our hard-hitting expose' on the Frivolous Mink industry, Mink toothbrush. For very very very very very very very sensitive teeth.

Jeweled cork, with card: "For the Hole in Your Head". For the personal abuse fan on your Christmas list. See also Spangled Nail File with inscription: "You're a Prick and Everybody Hates You."

Tee-PJ's, for some reason. Also sold as the "Fella Frock", and "Dude Dress". For the modest man, so nobody will see his panties. As endorsed by Kevin Nealon, apparently.

No, not available in "no balls" version, so stop asking.

Useful for spying on Dar, The Beastmaster. For evil purposes only. Not burning stick resistant. Manufacturer not responsible for ferret bites, tiger scratchers resulting from spying on Dar, The Beastmaster.


Steve Miller said...

TP-Jays are the nursing home version. Excuse me, make that convalescent-care facility.

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