The Dial Room.

Joke #1 - Two engineers at their posts inside the GL-4601-N, Casio's largest and most durable G-Shock wristwatch to date.

Joke #2 - In 1951, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory was sued by a group of employees who felt that the placement of several CRT displays unfairly discriminated against researchers less than thirteen feet tall.

Joke #3 - "Oh, the cookies are nearly done. Start up the forklift. Mom's going to have the best birthday ever!"

Joke #4 - "...and this dial tracks how often I have impure thoughts. Then Janet Reno became Attorney General and, well, I had to install a few more dials. Meow-wow! Am I right, Ken? I said 'am I right???'"

Joke #5 - "Hmm. Looks like there's a blip approaching from the west. Ken, go open hatch number four and look up a lot. Were you expecting any blips?"

Joke #6 - "The needle just moved. Yep, we're shrinking."

Joke #7 - "...and this gauge will register the ground state, which we will hopefully see couple to the.... Ken, get your hand off my thigh."

Joke #8 - "You see? Radiation levels are going berserk. Everyone in L.A. IS dead. You owe me a Twix, stupid."

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