1965 Rambler American - Leave a light on for it (in your garage-shaped heart).

Before you mourn the loss of the Rambler brand, makers of the pretty thing in this ad, remember that they're not really gone. They were owned by AMC, which is now owned by Chrysler or Jeep or something. Still, modern cars tend to be swoopy drippy things with headlights that smear around the sides of the nose and onto the fenders. Now you can mourn the loss of the clean lines of the Rambler.

Rambler was a "compact" brand. This car doesn't look all that compact by today's standards, but the standards were different in 1965, and besides, the sharp corners tend to make a car seem bigger than it is. Cute car. Kind of dorky looking, and it's not one of those see-them-everywhere attitudemobiles like old Mustangs, Camaros,  or '57 Chevys.

Well, dry those no-rambler-having tears, you! Here's one on eBay that looks a lot like the one in today's ad! Good luck sleeping tonight, knowing that this car may be resting its head in someone else's garage tonight. I know I won't (find it easy to sleep, that is. I'm not going to sleep in someone's garage, or if I did, I wouldn't let that be decided by an eBay auction).

If you can't win the auction, you can always have this PNG of the star of today's post, lovingly pen-tooled out of it's natural halftone pattern habitat. Windows were made transparent at no extra charge. Get your rude finger ready to right click this little charmer into your personal multicar pileup in three, two one... you're welcome.

Click for 1400 px wide.

Click for 400 px wide.

Click for big.


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