Eastern Drapery Hardware - From the ones who know.

A pointless endorsement now, from our friends back in 1961! Shopping for new blinds or drapes? Trust Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney, like all the smart decorators!

When you listen to the Bing Crosby - Rosemary Clooney Show, there's one key takeaway, and it's that these two know about window treatments! You know how all their songs are about windows? That's no accident. Bing and Rosemary were working their way up to their dream job of being cut and pasted into an Eastern Drapery Hardware ad. It just makes sense, people. Whenever you see a famous person doing a paid endorsement, you should always assume they're personally concerned about your buying choices.

Actually, Eastern was just a sponsor of the show, and part of the deal must have been that Eastern can use the stars' likenesses in their ads. Stupid reality. I was happier imagining Bing and Rosemary working in a curtain factory.

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