Toyota Corona - Good for the kids.

The Chicago Auto Show / Chicago Disappointment Parade is finally here! Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends! Roll up! Roll up! Roll up! See the shooooowwww! So, today begins Car Week here at GO! Tower... unless we get bored with that and write some jokes or something. Day one of PAG! Car Week / Chicago Disappointment Parade brings us this 1970 ad for a Toyota Corona! Oh what a feeling! Or something!

At the time, this Corona wouldn't have turned any heads except those that were shattering their vertebrae by turning to laugh at this "weird little box". Tack on fortyish years and kablam. The corona looks cool as hell - if you ask me. I love the wheel covers. I love the aspirational "I'm a little Mercedes" styling. I even love the pea-green color. On a lark, I checked Ebay and what do you know? A '69 Corona in baby blue for five grand or less with three days to go (at the time of writing). Very wanty I am for this one. Rolling this car into a Toyota dealership for service would be fun. "Oil change please, and add a luggage rack. I'm going to Tokyo this weekend."

Hey, check it out! Apparently the Corona was so user friendly, it could be owned and operated by children! Maybe they're supposed to pass for adults, but I have to say in 1970, it would be smart to make the car look as big as possible in your ad. So, grab a few kids to pose as adults, and push them way into the background to make the car seem larger than it is, and you stand your best chance at getting a little interest from bigger-is-better yanks like us.

Did anybody get you a present today? No? Well, tell everyone you know they're horrible prickwads and your only pal is Phil Are GO! Here's today's Corona lifted from it's background and presented to you in heirloom-quality PNG goodness. That's right friends. PNG is a format that supports transparency, so you can put your Corona over any background you want. I suggest opening Photohsop, grabbing it with the Move Tool and making it drive all over your other pictures. Don't forget the motor sounds. BbBbBbBbBbRrrrrrrr. You're welcome. Graphic Gift coming your way in three, two one, RIGHT CLICK NOW, ROUND-EYE!

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Anonymous said...

My parents bought one of these brand new, in 1969. Thing ran forever. One of the grandkids finally drove it into the ground. Great little car. Dull, sure. But dependable.

Anonymous said...

I had one of these back in the 70's, I bought it for $500 off a college bulletin board. Ran forever, the car was a conglomeration of the best US automaker design ideas. I liked the turn signal design, built into the horn rim on the steering wheel, you flicked the rim down to turn on the left blinker and up for right. Your hands never left the wheel!

Anonymous said...

My family owned a '74 corona forever. We used it as a family car, the six of us. I used to drive it around the yard before I got license. My younger brother, about eight at the time, pushed it over to his friends house one day when he was bored. So yes - very user friendly for children. My parents handed it down to my older sister, than me, but eventually it was over come by rust. I loved that car.

Fil said...

I do not often get psyched about a car. Reading about the car you found on eBay, I felt like buying it. Looks so sweet! $5k? I want it.

Photoplasia said...

I had one of those - sadly, it met a tragic end - and I almost did, with it!


Unknown said...
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