Readers' Letters, 1947, Picture Post, South Grumblesby, London 12

Dear sirs,

While flipping through a dessicated copy of Picture Post from 1947, doubtlessly having on it traces of mustard gas and kippers, I was stricken by the readers' letters, owing to the peculiar nature of their content and they way they spake at such a time. In the post-war, pre-Twitter years, Englishers apparently wrote to Picture Post not only with specific questions, but also in addition, with general complaints about society of the time! How different it was, to be bothered enough that one would muster the diligence not only to write-down one's strong reactions, but also to wait for the satisfaction of seeing them in print, for all of one's fellow countrymen to read. For how long were they to put up with such things?

Yours, etc.

Mrs. Antoin Housewise
East Flumstead
Lemon Curry


Dear Sirs,

I feel I really must protest in the most strident tones the obvious laziness of the Blogpostmaster general in simply scanning and posting a picture of letters from an old magazine! Did we not defeat Jerry only to find ourselves lying down on the job, not even bothering to write a few jokes of a Tuesday morning? Shame, sir!

My dog can't seem to get his ear turned right-side-out, after having a good shake after his weekly bath. What's the country come to? Shillings and hammaerhandles, I say!


General Brentwood Fontwhoosh-on-Thames
Lower Dooking
London, SWH Hampston


Having read the actual readers' letters posted by the most honorable Blogpostmaster General this morning, I must say that the Vox Pops and other miscellaneous filler material used in the old Monty Python series was spot-on! We here in The Past really did talk like that! It is my considered opinion that those lesser-known bits of writing seen in the 'Python show were some of the best and strangest material to be found anywhere in the 'Pythons' body of work! Please embed a FaceTube link to some Monty Python link material to brighten an old Englisher's morning tea.

P.S. I am a very small fish with no visible dorsal fin.

Grammesburton, N4
Bucket of String,
Horton Road, Facepalm

Ed. - Bet that's a name and a half, Ma'am!

P.S. Python letters coming right up, Ma'am!

Click for big, Ma'am!


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