The 1962 Fords - Four pages worth. Spread 'em.

We apologize for the sparse posts this week. We've been working  on this hard-hitting expose' of a 1962 Ford ad. This hideous and shocking truth: This four-page Ford ad was indulgent, kooky and fun! I hope you're sitting down. Oh, wait. I guess I should have said that before I revealed the hideous and shocking truth. Oh well. I hope you were sitting down and didn't subsequently whang your head on the counter as you passed out.

"Live it up! Presenting: 3 New Lively Ones from FORD" was a decadent four-page spread in The Saturday Evening Post that must have cost Ford a ton of dough. It's like a brochure in the middle of the magazine. It's full of nutty curly fonts and darn good times - the kind of good times that can only be had in a new Ford!

But first, please press PLAY on this Mel Henke track "The Lively Ones" as you browse. Mel Henke was the king of disposeable perv-lounge, with each track filled with innuendo and quasi-erotic cooing from anonymous female session singers. Marvel at the automotive sexuality of "The Lively Ones" where Mel purrs through all the horny car jargon he can think of. See what he's done there? "Rear end suspension" can be interpreted to be a lady's bottom, even though no car guy ever uses the term "rear end suspension". "You don't know what you're do-ing! You DO know what you're do-ing?" That's some good aaack-ting!!!!

And hey! Both the "La Dolce Henke" album cover and the Ford ad feature the same nutty curly font. It must have been the zeitgeist. Same with the phrase "The Lively Ones", which apparently was the way America liked to describe the Younger Generation at the time.


A back seat so large you can trombone in it.
Ford was savvy enough to point out that you can only drive to a carnival and have agood time in a Ford Fairlane. Wanna park ten feet from the carousel? Better buy a Fairlane! All others must park at the Tilt-A-Spew.

Trombone judo CHOP!
Here, Laura Petri can't decide which Dick Van Dyke she wants to sleep with. No matter. When you've slept with one Dick Van Dyke, you've slept with them all. But wait! One o fthose Dick Van Dykes is really a Maxwell Smart. See how he uses his tactical combat trombone to neutralize Petri.

I have owned cheap brass cymbals that probably sounded worse than this Futura hubcap. And hey! Whattya know? A drummer in an ad depicted holding the drum sticks the right way. How did that accidentally happen? By accident, probably. You know this probably voids the hubcap's warranty. Crazy shit like this would never fly in an ad today. But, 1962 was simpler times.

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Michelle_Randy said...

Some parts of that music remind of stuff you'd hear in the Pink Panther cartoons.

Jim D. said...

I'll take the Galaxie, please.

Steve Miller said...

As usual with Fords of this era, the tail lights are great! Front ends, not so much so -- note they don't even show the front end of the Fairlane, which means it has a decent chance of being decent.

As for the agency's input, well, I just don't know what to say about that headline type. I wanna love it, but... well, I just can't. It's spring-y. It's pop-y. It's as out of touch as bunch of white guys in pastel blue sports jackets playing Dixieland.

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