Gronk you Answer - Gronk answer you! Carpet and furnace friends.

dipu islam say:

Our furnace is finally hooked up and running! It is very cold today so it was great to have the entire house
heated. We can actually be in the basement without freezing.

Dear di-pu,

Gronk glad to hear about basement happiness. Gronk like keep house warm too (see Gronk picture at start of post). If di-pu need tips how to make fire, don't be scared to reach out. That what friend for. Fire sometimes friend. Sometimes enemy. Mostly friend. In picture above, Gronk not sure how fire start. Crazy day. You had be there.

Please write more time, di-pu, but next time try and make actual question. Hard to answer question that not question.

Carpet Cleaning in Toronto say:

Carpets have become part of a great history of art. Today, many establishments and some homes use carpet mainly for comfort. There are a lot of kinds of carpets and their designs really vary. To make it last longer, it is advisable to have good cleaning treatments to maintain the durability.

Dear Carpet Cleaning:

Gronk think you not sure what "question" mean. You call that question? Gronk wonder if when you talk about "carpet", mean carpet. Carpet Cleaning seem a lot concerned with carpet. Maybe carpet mean something else really? Gronk not like mess with head.

You in Toronto. Hoo-man around here say that in same place as Van-Coo-Ver. You know friend there called Carpet Cleaning Vancouver? Gronk think you have similar interest. Always worry about carpet. Maybe have "love connection"? Gonk think him have funny talk. Barely speak hoo-man language. Gronk have "love connection" once, but then fire happen. Crazy night. You had be there.

Gronk is not a board certified therapist. Gronk is a celebrity advisor and life coach, and is a staff member of several support group outreach centers. His replies are intended for entertainment purposes only, and should be followed up by consultation with a qualified counselor or experienced therapist, probably a human.


Jim D. said...

Thank you Gronk, you answered some questions I hadn't even realized I had! But you also raised some.

As you know, some old folks say, "there may be snow on the roof, but there's a fire in the furnace."

Which raises questions: does the snow on the roof match the carpets? and if the furnace is so lively, should I be using the new-fangled pleated paper air filters, or the old-time fiberglass ones like Mom used to use?

Anonymous said...

Dear Gronk

Who installed the old time fiberglass filters in Jim D.'s Mom?

And why did she need fiberglass flters when Kent obviously had the "Micronite" filters for good smoking taste?



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