Arty jobs - You get good pay job! Get you job good pay! Pay good! Get job, you!

"I'll train you in DRAFTING until you get a GOOD PAY JOB. You will not leave me until you get a GOOD PAY JOB. I will WATCH OVER YOU and MASSAGE YOUR BACK. I will CARESS you into a PROFITABLE NEW CAREER. Graduates are awarded with GENTLE KISS ON THE NECK." Engineer Dobe. Libertyville, IL.

"LEARN TO DRAW beautiful girls' heads and figures from large photos of artists' models. Ogle at your own pace. Also, beautiful girls who don't mind getting naked and being ogled by would-be artists cheerfully accepted.


Jim D. said...

Training hard. Just give good pay clip art job please.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Clip art odd! Give good clip art. Get pay! Thank comment!

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