Kooking Kornir - Memorial Day Recipe Special: S'mlesses!

It's Memorial Day weekend, eaters! And that means cookouts and fires and whatever! Have we got a campfire recipe you! You're going to wish you could be memorialized when you wrap your mouth around our instant classic cookie to die for! S'mlesses!

After your belly is full of hamburgers and bratwurst pizza, etc., you need a nice rustic dessert to put a lid on all the eating. Our campfire cookies will have your guests shouting for less, because they're so darned satisfied!

Just like that "other" classic DIY campfire cookie, it just takes three ingredients: saltine crackers, swiss cheese, and expanded foam corn syrup circus peanuts. Swiss cheese can be cut into quarters, sized perfectly for a saltine cracker. If you need help cutting in a straight line, try using a hot dog as a straight edge.

You will need some kind of skewer to roast your circus peanuts. You can use a stick for that "emerald ash bore" flavor, but here we're using a bicycle spoke. Don't worry about your bike, you won't be wanting to go for a ride for some time. S'mlesses are that good!

Roast your circus peanut to taste. We think you'll find that roasting brings out the secret hidden flavor of circus peanuts. Ssh! Don't tell Martha Stewart!

Now it's time for all the magic to happen! Building your S'mless. Whilte it's still nice and hot, put your circus peanut in between the saltines with a piece of swiss cheese.

Then squeeze and watch all the gooey delicious flavor spew itself out! Now it's time to go in your mouth! See? Isn't it a taste sensation? Such big flavor!

So there you have it. A fun-to-make campfire cookie that will have your guests wishing they hadn't eaten so much. They'll be shouting for "S'mless!!!"

You're welcome!


MrsBug said...

For real? Or are you playin'? I can't quite determine....

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Do you see a bite mark in any of those S'mlesses?

Anonymous said...

Why stop there? How about mini-marshmallows on oyster crackers? Roasted Easter peeps on a Ritz? Fancy gourmet eatin' there!

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