Carrier Air Conditioning - Mi gusta el frio!

It's probably warm where you are lately. If you're somewhere near the left-hand side of the U.S., you're probably on fire right now. Let's learn a vaguely racist lesson about air conditioning, thanks to our mid-century friends at Carrier.

"Why have most great inventions and advances in science and industry come from temperate zones? Because for centuries tropical heat has robbed men of energy and ambition. There was no air conditioning. So they took siestas, seeking relief from heat and stifling humidity."

Until Carrier came and rescued humanity from the horribly unproductive problem of Dead Mexican Syndrome (DMS), Mexico's space program was almost nonexistent. That's all changed, now that every Mexican enjoys reliable home air conditioning. Thanks to Carrier air conditioning, mexicans never die any more (see picture).

The Carrier centrifugal refrigeration unit, now with added man.
In super hot India, technical industry is now changing the fortunes of millions of people, and India is a major source of educated workers. Why? Every single person in India has air conditioning, and they no longer need to take afternoon naps, or as they say in Hindi, "siestas". See?

Wherever you find air conditioning, you'll find the most productive workers on the planet. That's why every well-cooled American shopping mall is filled with energetic teenage workers, known the world over for their diligence and scientific enthusiasm. See? AC = productivity. Thank you, Carrier!

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Steve Miller said...

Production 0 -- TGIF!

Richard Mahler said...

In our current "financial climate" employers could turn off the AC and their workers would still work their butts off because they need the jobs. I'm surprised AC isn't touted as a employee benefit paid for out of the kindness of the corporation and future continuation based on ever-increasing productivity.

In reality, worker productivity, hours worked, vacation and retirement age are cultural and political. America was blessed early on by the Puritan Work Ethic and the belief that if you worked hard you would have a better quality of life even if your life expectancy was less than 50 years. Now we have reached the cultural zenith where Americans work more hours with fewer benefits, less buying power, no paid retirement plans or decent health plans compared to 30 years ago. Recent stats show most people in "developed" countries" no longer have any desire to live here. And Americans are discovering that quality of life means something more than a paycheck, more stuff than they can fit in our houses, and dying on the job. The free market economy has run slam into the "free at what cost" wall!

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