Gronk You Answer - More proposals for Gronk! And money. And comic!

 Benz Award say...

You have just been awarded the sum of £ 950,000.00 pounds that
was won by your email address in our Benz
Promo. Send your: Name:
Phone No:

Dear Mr. Award,

Gronk not need 950,000.000 pounded el's. Gronk say el's all time. What you say about way Gronk talk?!? Maybe Gronk pound YOU? You right "phone no". Gronk not want talk you on phone! Gronk not want talk about sex, either. Gronk love once, but Gronk get hurt! Why you open old wound!? Now Gronk in bad place! Thank a LOT! Man, Gronk want pound you GOOD, 950,000.000 times! GRAAAAH!

Adrian Bayford say...

I  am Adrian Bayford  and i am  donating to you the sum of 1 million pounds please reply with your information 

Gronk not sure Gronk want to talk to man who... (hmm. "Adrian" could be woman, too). Gronk not want talk to hoo-man who not know punc-choo-ay-shin and sentence structure. Go back drawing board and learn period, at least! How you get 1 million pound of anything being dumb so much?!? You go away!

"Dlylan" Say...

Hi, There
My name is Dlylan
Pls find the quotation sheet of compressed tissue attached .
You can feel free to come to me if you have any question or need more information .
Thank you and I am looking forward to your reply !

Gronk happy get mail from Dylan! Gronk thank "Dlylan" for comic-strip! Ha ha ha! In first panel, magic tissue have brother. They leave bag and seek fortune in big scary world. Gronk know how that is. Gronk identify with hero. Good sign.

In second panel, one magic tissue brother get grabbed by big hand, and other magic tissue brother is nervous. See drops? Gronk know drops mean nervous from "manga". Maybe magic tussue brother not know what do now. Gronk not know either!

In third panel, sad magic tissue brother continues sad and get tall, for some reason. You starting to lose Gronk now. Why remaining magic tissue brother have super power? Part of Magic tissue brother canon? Gronk skeptical.

In fourth panel, magic tissue brother turn super all the way. Cape flap in wind. Gronk not imagine what happen next!

In fifth panel, more cape stuff. Comic writer maybe having trouble filling pages? Come on.

In sixth panel, remaining magic tissue brother become hand! Hand wear cape now! Unforseen!

In seventh panel, magic tissue brother (who is now hand, remember!) go home and make sexiness with hand wife! Hand wife like sexiness with cape. Oooh, hand wife like when magic tissue brother play "dress up". Kinkyyyyyy. Gronk gasp now! Evil hand wife took away first magic tissue brother because was standing in way of relationship! Hand wife was jealous! Gronk know relationship not work out when based on deceit and treachery! Gronk not wait till next issue of magic tissue brother!

Gronk thank "Dlylan"! Gronk love magic tissue brother comic! Compelling story! Have everything! Action, romance, intrigue, tissue... Gronk need find second copy of comic to keep in poly bag like new! Keep value. Finally, gronk get ONE good mail! Gronk pleased now!


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