Elkhart Lake Vintage Classic 2013 - Pt. 2. -Mostly Formula V's.

This year's Vintage Fest celebrated the 50th anniversary of Formula V. That's a very popular group of vintage racing, because of the comparatively low barrier of entry cost. Also, they look really cool because of their open-wheel monoposto ("single seat") sausage-shaped bodies. They look like old F1 cars. They're powered by VW beetle engines, which makes them simple and cheap-ish to keep up. Please enjoy these photos of the many beautiful examples at last weekend's event.

This black #13 was absolutely clean and flawlessly built. Everything was bright and polished.

This team called themselves Ricky Bobby Racing. Parody stickers of several types were all over,

A line of FV's on the false grid, ready to do practice laps.

The rail on the side of the car is meant to keep wheels from getting tangled. The danger of open wheeled racing is tire-to-tire contact will often send the rear car into the air. This is how race cars and humans are wrecked. The bar on this car may prevent some of the worst wheel to wheel contact, where a car's wheel gets hooked inside and behind one of this car's wheels.

At the end of the day's practice runs, there was a dinner-time car show.

Every team had bicycles, mopeds, or golf carts to get around the huge paddock area. This Honda mini bike was my favorite race area transport.

The only Mini Cooper I saw there.

I've never wanted a motor home, but this restored vintage model would be the one I want, if I wanted one at all. Must every single product be made uglier than in the past?

The wheel leaning up against the motor home is from an early 20th century Studebaker, which we'll see more of, later this week.


Steve Miller said...

If you'd got a photo of a wheel from a 21st century Studebaker, now THAT would have been something! But I'll take what I can get, and I'm still waiting. (Drums fingers.)

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Best I can offer you is this, from The Muppet Movie, which was produced in 1978-ish. that's pretty close.


You're welcome!


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