National Board of Fire Underwriters - What the FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.......


"Okay, class who feels neurologically impaired? Timmy, if you're not sure, you can just put your hand down."

UPDATE: Due to massive reader response and threats, here is the adorable firey cowboy from today's ad. Right-click these little horsemen onto your hard drive apocalypse in three, two, one, RIGHTCLICKNOW!




Jim D. said...

Ah yes, it was a simpler, more naive time in America, when we weren't perpetually on the threshold of panic, so advertisers really had to poke, poke, poke us to remind us how scared we were supposed to be!

shane said...

Aw, man, when I saw that Flaming Horseman on the first image, I thought "Yeeeeah, I know what the clip-art is going to be!"


shane said...

Also, we may laugh at the "Don't Incinerate Your Children" ad campaign, but I think we have to admit it was successful.

I mean, I saw the lady cleaning clothes in a pan of gasoline, and I thought "WTF? This used to be a thing, cleaning clothes in a pan of gasoline???"

Steve Miller said...

"Do not use gasoline or benzine in your cocktails."

Richard Mahler said...

Thanks a lot, Phil! The Fifth Horseman really has me spooked. Now I have to stop cleaning all my clothes in vats of gasoline. Who knew? Just one more simple pleasure to give up. No more inhaling gasoline fumes by the fire on a cold winter's evening.

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