Scientific Expedition to Kashmir - National Geographic, 1931

This old issue of National Geographic featured a lengthy article on The Citroen-Haardt Trans-Asiatic Expedition. I skimmed the first page and failed to see what was scientific about it. It's a little ethnocentric calling it an "expedition" when you're basically driving through populated nations. It's not like you're hacking your way through a frikkin jungle. You wouldn't call it an "expedition" if you were going to Elk Grove Village to pick up your new couch, but that's kind of how these guys thought. Different times. Notice that the National Geographic teams don't use that word any more (I think).

Anyway, these pictures, taken in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria are pretty much actual indiana Jones stuff. bazaars and deserts and half tracks. Pretty darn cool. Let your thirsty eyes chew on the coolness of these pictures. These are not all of the photos in the article, but some of the really good ones.

Yes, "explorers" actually wore that stuff. Pith helmets, bowlers, and jodhpurs. I recently found out those are what those goofy pants are called, with the poofy thighs.

Such a puss on that kid. He's a charmer of birds, and little else. He definitely won't tell Indy where the entrance to the tomb is located.



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