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Subhash Deshpande say...

I need your assist for a project

Dear Subhash,

Thank you for letter. Gronk think you definitely need assist for project. First come basic letter-make skills. You not even say "Dear Gronk, with eyes like sun and legs like mountain." How you expect get on Gronk good side? Second, you need start project. of grammar. Here Gronk "assist" you. Press "period" key after "project". That good start!

Subhash, Gronk have conversation with plate of hash one time. Even breakfast entree better communicator than you. You DEFINITELY sub-hash when come to talking!  GRAH HAH HAH HAH HAH! BAM! You zing by Gronk! BAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAAHAHAH!

Mr. Zhang Yong say...

I've a proposal for you,permit me to explain
Thank Zhang for letter. You explain now.

No, really. GO.

Gronk give you time talk.


GRAAAAH!!! Gronk hate you now, Mr. Zhang! Good job! Go learn basic grammar about space bar and period with Sub-hash! YOU GO NOW!

Irene Wu say...

Dear Sir,

Good day.
This is Irene Wu from Xinghua City Tianli Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd, our company is specialized in the production and sales of stainless steel wire rope and galvanized steel wire rope.
The following is some pictures of our products for your reference, welcome you visit our website www.tianlisteel.com to learn more about us.

Dear Irene,

Gronk thank you for letter. You make nice letter-talk! Also, Gronk happy to see new issue of comic! All right!

In first panel, Gronk see ropes. Ropes happy together. Maybe sleeping ropes. Not sure.
In second panel, One rope think about nature of rope. "Each rope made of smaller ropes. Rope mind blown now!"
In third panel, rope think about whole rope town, just wrap around wood thing. Kind of like even huger rope made of rope families! Paradigm shift!
In fourth panel, Gronk see some ropes not have wood thing, but still wrap together anyway. Teach lesson that "we are what we are" and habits hard to change.
In fifth and sixth panels, see many rope-towns group in "rope galaxy". Recursive!
In sixth panel, see tiny single rope that make up every other rope. Rope DNA? Indivisible!
Seventh panel show rope universe. Show that rope is infinite. Whoa. Now Gronk mind blown. Gronk have to sit and think about rope for while now. Gronk start to wonder if Gronk is really rope. Deep.

Gronk thank Irene Wu for mind-expanding existential comic. Really make think. Think like rope think!

Me Gronk.


Steve Miller said...

What Gronk make of this, found on Facebook?

"Hello sir / madam

"I am particularly pleased to tell you that I am delighted to announce that I am delighted to inform you that my great satisfaction to inform you that I have a capital which will be used to grant special loans short and long term from € 5000 to € 50 million in all serious , honest people and good morals wanting this prĂȘt.3 % interest a year according to the amount being paid because I do not particularly want to violate the usury law . You can pay 5 to 18 years depending on the maximum amount lent . It's up to you to monthly payments . I am involved in this case to help the poor or who need a helping poses. But the main goal is to reduce poverty. the transfer is provided by a bank to the security of the transaction . please indicate the amount of your claim and tracking its duration.
"Contacted me by mail is as follows:

(address redacted)

"Thank you for understanding"

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Gronk (address redacted) for letter, but Gronk not ready for relationship right now. Gronk wish you luck finding special someone.

Me Gronk.

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