The Train Station

Joke #1 - "Look, lady, unattended bags are required to be seized and searched. Either you convince me that your little-girl-shaped bag is just a little girl, or I'm gonna have to see what's inside her... I mean, 'it'."

Joke #2 - Lady, I'd love to go home with you, but as you can plainly see, I'm here with my wife. Now, I suggest you get on that train and get the heck out of Utah.

Joke #3 - "Lady, you're not allowed to park that here. I don't care if she's got a flat or what. You fix her, and get her running before I have her impounded."

Joke #4 - Audrey's head was ever so woozey and muddled. She could hardly remember what had happened the night before. So many things she had drunk and eaten. The bench was all hard and wooden, but after such a night as she had, it was all Audrey could do to keep her eyes open. She leaned over and after a few seconds, she was fast asleep. "Las Vegas" was such a strange, strange place.

A very early joke #5 addition comes to us from Yevgenia. Thanks, Yegveveehveniya! Take THAT, Switzerland! - That's not our daughter? Maybe you should've told me that  before our layover in Zurich!"

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Jim D. said...

"Lydia, you KNOW I've been supportive of your hobby. I'm just saying, if you don't stick with fish and game, you can't expect the other taxidermists to just welcome you with open arms! You know how those guys are . . ."

Anonymous said...

Not Right Joke #6 - " Look Lady, da kid's got a friggin' stump! Why don't you coin up an' get her a proper wheelchair- fer chr**ssakes?? Look how twisted up dat ankle is from her hoppin' all around an' sh*t? - Why I oughtta take dis thumb an' jammit right up your ***!!"

Mr. FancyHotBalls_2

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