Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - A momentary departure.

In our first-ever break from our rigid editorial policy, today Phil Are GO! is posting an ad from the back of a CURRENT Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog.

Setting aside the obvious questions of "WTF is an 'heirloom' seed?" and "Why put an ad for your catalog on the back of your catalog?", we focus on the snarling girl at the bottom, who has been bafflingly entrusted by her parents to hold what appears to be a real living human baby... presumably a family member. Mere seconds after this photo was taken, the girl made good on the implicit threat in her hungry snarl and leapt for the photographer's throat. The photographer's throat was never seen again, and is missing, presumed delicious. Lock your doors, lovers of heirloom seeds.

Click for big, if you're brave.


MrsBug said...

An heirloom seed is a type that has been grown for more than 75-100 years and isn't a hybrid. A lot of plants that are now considered heirloom can provide fruit (veggies/grains/etc) that are better tasting than what you buy in the supermarket. Almost all supermarket veggies have been engineered for durability in shipping and lasting a long time before going bad, not for for taste.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

This I did not know. Thanks, Mrs. B! Now, what's with that girl's face?

Steve Miller said...

Obviously, Dad's a werewolf.

Anonymous said...

Mom looks like she is under some heavy medication.

What is the frizzy stuff in the basket, under the kids, crap, pretty much everywhere? Pods?

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