Let's Drive Right, Pt.2 - Love.

Here are two really useful tips from 1964's Let's Drive Right on the subject of love on the road. Do them all the time.

If you have Road Trouble when you're a woman, open the hood to show the world that you know where the engine is, and that it's something enginey gone wrong with the tire. While waiting for a person to come change your tire or engine, just stare out at the world. To make help come sooner, consider tying your underpants to the door handle. This may also attract bears. The woman in the picture has taken the  precaution of wearing a helmet for extra safety.

When on a motor-car trip with a prospective consort, take the opportunity to fasten your seatbelt in a very slow and luxuriant manner. This is a very effective way of directing her attention to your weenus. During the fastening process, check back occasionally to make sure she's watching. She should be transfixed (see photo). If she fails to show interest, quickly drive to a shopping center and release her. Banging two frying pans together may help to scare her out of the car.


Jim D. said...

If only I had known about the frying pans 30 years ago!

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

In a pinch, your emergency jack may be stricken with the lug wrench. Also, this works on passengers of all kinds, generally.

Thanks for reading, Jim!


Steve Miller said...

"Could you imagine the way I felt/I couldn't unfasten the safety belt!"
-- Chuck Berry

The true story of why that girl was transported over the state line...

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