The Danze Studio - Berlin, 1946

Joke #1 -Summer tryouts at the Berlin Skuatzendanze Academie, 1946.

Joke #2 - "Deeeeep, deeeeep breathing. Be open to the dots. Try to feeeeel your dots. AH! Very good, bertrand!"

Joke #3 - Last minute rehearsals for the holiday production of "Der Magic Shphincter", Berlin, 1946.

Joke #4 - Finally, after three semesters of practice and long nights of meditation, Bertrand finally managed to perform a Multiple Colon Drop. His graduation was all but assured. And, he still had a few weeks to help Grobert do the same.

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Anonymous said...

Joke #5: Helga tried to connect the dots, but they went to a deep, dark place she did not want to go.

Mr. FancyHotBALLS_11

(see what I did there- I counted the bal..oh, nevermind)

Anonymous said...

Joke #6: There is no spoon. Only balls.

Mr. FancyMatrixBalls_2

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