Camel Cigarettes - The pleasure lack of principles.

The Pleasure Principle is a term coined by Sigmund Freud that explains the counter intuitive and cryptic fact of life that humans generally seek pleasure and avoid pain. Or, put more simply, for those of you in the cheap seats, "Being happy means you're happy." Thanks, Freud. What would we do without you? Enjoy your cigar.

Seizing upon this groundbreaking insight, Camel came up with and ad built around this hard-hitting psychological syllogism (stay with me here): Any thing that you enjoy improves your disposition. Therefore, (Okay, ready for the home stretch?) smoke Camels, because you enjoy them, or you'll suck at your job and be fired. Shew! You may want to sit down and let that one sink in. What better time to enjoy a Camel than when you're taking a nice brain-break, trying to grasp a bullet-proof piece of earth-shaking philosophy? Thank you, Camels!

So, whatever gives you pleasure - projectile farting, drinking human blood, primal scream therapy, or simply pleasuring yourself - do it on the job, and you'll be a model employee.

Hey! Fun fact time. here are the causes of death for the four celebrity smokers in this ad:

Brian Keith, hair delicately balanced
on his head. Lung cancer, age 75.
He was mourned for years by his
TV children and loving toupee.

Rise Stevens, photographed at one of
her many cartoon mansions. Died of
being 99 years old, after surviving
many assaults with circus mallets
and precariously dangling safes.

Marguerite Higgins, apparently suffering
early symptoms of freaky tropical
disease "leishmaniasis" at time
of photo. Leishmaniasis, age 45.

Claire (?) L. Chennault, age 25 at
time of photo. Lung cancer, age 64.
Anyway, don't become a statistic. Smoke your camels, for your career's sake. Please enjoy the cautionary tale kind of clip art from today's ad. He's one crabby badger trying to balance his accounts with a Texas Instruments 99-4A. He's in such a funk, not even his human wife's famous funk-debunking elephant trunk roast can shake him out of it! And his 1920something-era telephone is ringing off the hook. Woodrow Wilson must have something really important to ask him. Better give that badger a Camel! Graphic Gift coming your way in three, two, one... GRAPHICGIFTCOMINGNOW!

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Mat Black said...

On June 24, 1997 at 10:13 a.m. family members alerted police to Keith's Malibu home at 23449 Malibu Colony Rd. The 75-year old actor had placed a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, ending his downward spiral of failing health, financial troubles and depression caused by the loss of his daughter. Brian Keith is survived by his wife since 1970, Victoria Young, who played Nurse Puni on The Brian Keith Show. Unlike his daughter, Keith left a handwritten note in which he wrote "The end is here. I'm finished. The pain is too much. Now it's time for me to join our little Daisy. She needs me. She didn't want to be without me here, so she'll have me again over there. Don't be sad. This had to come soon."

Interestingly, Johnny Whitaker spoke with Keith only five days before Keith's death. "He was not feeling well because he had been going through the chemotherapy for his cancer," Whitaker said. "And he'd been having other problems."

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