Fashion Racing Season Warm-Up!

Hey there, speed freaks! It's time to shake off that cabin fever and get ready for racing season... fashion style! This year we're all about burning rubber in the world of couture, so let's smell some smoke in '67!

These three are under starters orders and ready to turn some heads this spring with their zippy ensembles featuring stripey or checkered gloves by Kislav for just $108 in temporally converted currency. At that price, they're going fast in more ways than one! The Herbert Levine pumps have numbers on the toe and heel to get you feeling racey. They're just $271 in 2014 bucks, but that's so far away, that'll ever happen!

This dotty deb has MY pole in position in her Andrew Woods polka dot linen romperbag dress with elasticized limb exits for just $983 in converted future money. That's so affordable, you'd be an asshole to spend the fifteen minutes it'd take to make one yourself! And those Herbert Levine shoes are the ultimate winners with stand-up eights on the toes for just $271 in those crazy future-bucks. That's winning fashion, 1967 style! Va-room! Suck it, losers!

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Jim D. said...

Did 1967 have a thing for knees?

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