Country Gentleman. March, 1930. Page 127. Girl's Life!

So, apparently, Country Gentleman magazine had a column called Girl's Life, waaaay back in 1930. This sends the eyebrows up, as it's surprisingly gratifying to hear of mainstream culture concerning itself with girls, or their having a life of any kind. I guess American society wasn't made up of backward troglodytes in 1930 after all.

Herein is reproduced for your amusement the entire March, 1930 Girl's Life page, which includes fashion news, a household tip, and another promotion for the "jazzy uke" girls could earn, just for selling nine years' worth of Country Gentleman magazine. Not kidding.

And while we're exploring good old page 127, please enjoy these impressive fashion illustrations. At the time, they were depictions of the latest trends, but whattya know? Sit on it for eighty-four years and the drawings become pretty nice period pieces. Funny how time works, isn't it? Here they are, all cleaned up and clip arty, for your doing whatever the heck you want with them. Who says we don't post stuff for the ladies? Click through them for the larger versions, as usual.

Click for big.

It's a lazy- bangle-dangling afternoon in
the country. Click for big.                     

And what goes on here? The word "togs" used in 1930? News to me. I always thought it was kind of a 60's California thing, but apparently not. The word seems to have come from an obsolete term "togeman", which comes from an even older word "toga", which you may have heard before.

Also not to be missed, but possibly definitely to be missed, is the racist little "dinah doll" made from an ink bottle on the top shelf of the bookcase. We won't run an enlargement of that. You can find that for yourself, if that's what you're into. You're not welcome!

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Steve Miller said...

How you gonna keep them girls down on the farm after they seen the lights of the big city? Personally, I blame The Country Gentleman for the decline of the American family farm.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Yes, filling their heads with crazy notions of how far back to wear their hats. It was damnable cantankerous!


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