Kentucky Club Tobacco - Get pipe happy! You know what I mean.

So you're sitting there feeling all smug because we in the U.S. are so progressive with our (gradual) freedom to marry who you want and our (gradual) freedom to enjoy a drug that presents no more health risks than other drugs that have been legal for decades. Well, get a load of 1949! Two well-dressed men getting pipe happy, staring deep into each other's pipes and falling in love. Nothing to see here. Just selling a little tobacco.

Yep! who knows what those dapper gents will be up to in an hour or so? Maybe they'll be getting pipe happy all over again? To help you ponder, please enjoy this clip art extraction from today's ad, contrasted and titied up a little, for your miscellaneous pasting-in pleasure. Graphic Gift coming your way in three, two, one, GRAPHICGIFTINCOMING!!!! You're welcome!

You know, Bertrand, it's times like this when I play Pet Shop Boys tunes while staring deep into your smoke and I find it hard to remember my wif'e's name.

Click for big.


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