Sears Caravan Coordinated Colors - Gronk add sweep and drama with Sears Caravan.

Gronk find nice picture living room in mag-a-zine from puny hoomans. Gronk not sure pastel colors are real or just old paper colors. Gronk like think colors real. Gronk like mid-century modern things. Gronk talk about picture now.

Gronk sad picture go across two page. That mean picture have ugly fold in middle or try to hide fold using com-pu-tor. Hoomans who know how use com-pu-tor not help Gronk. Say too busy and give Gronk chew snack. After finish chew snack, Gronk scan picture. Gronk do Gronk best.

Gronk like sensible use of color in 1957, after lots of garish color use in decorating in Nineteen Forties. Gronk wonder what hoomans thinking, with dark green wall-paper and bright red carpet back in Forties. Gronk glad to see that go away. Colors in picture from Sears nice. Gronk can really see Gronk relaxing in room like that. Here, Gronk show you...

See? Gronk unwind in room with Sears Caravan decor. Colors easy to coordinate for Gronk. Easy for anyone! Gronk like soothing earth tone with blue. Gronk use touch of red for accent color. Gronk have all neighbors over for cock-tail and gossip, before neighbor husbands all get home. Everyone jealous Gronk decor.

Gronk like wall art. Gronk know name for "art in three piece", called "triptych". Gronk know art in two piece "dyptich". Gronk not know name for art in four piece. Maybe sometimes call "who drop and break art?" GRAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH. Gronk make great art joke!

Hah! Dumb hoo-mans! You live in yard with paper picture of trees in yard! What? Gronk hope you not live next to Kool-Aid Man! Easy for him to run through trees, shout "Oh yeaahh!". This why thick walls make good neighbor, especially when neighbor is violent corporate mascot. Make insurance rates go high. This why Kool-Aid family not have nice things.

Me Gronk.

Hoo-mans click for big picture.


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