Bacardi Rum - Blame it on Bacardi.

Hey! Who misses Nineteen Sixty-Seven? Ladies? Anyone? No ladies? Want a little slice of why? Just ask Bacardi.

Well, this classy gent is just mixing some drinks for his daughters, who look on with fascination. Why would women know how to mix drinks? Only men know that, baby! It's what makes this old guy such compelling company.

Let's see. One, two, three... nine drinks for four poeple. three of whom probably weigh a hundred ten soaking wet. And, there's more where that came from. Dad is just getting started on that second bottle.

Wow! They're going to need those drinks, at the rate the rum isn't coming out. It'll be a while. That must be the new Bacardi Maple Shyrup (when you have Bacardi on your pancakes, there are no esses). He's got that bottle parallel with the horizon, but it's moving pretty slow. If only there was a way for one man and his three grown daughters to pass the time in class and style...

Here's another little tune spewed out by my old fake band, Blue Wank, sometimes misspelled as "Wamk" depending on who was putting the letters on the marquee that night. We recorded this one at Freeda's End of the Beginning of Summer Cabana Hootenanny. We'd like you to remember that everything we recorded was completely made up as we go'ed. That's why it sounds made up as we went. Just think of the tracks we DIDN'T keep! You're welcome, and I'm so sorry! If you hate it, Blame it on Bacardi.

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