Bar One Cigarettes - The cake-eating-and-having of televisions.

Financial advice now, from your friends at J. Wix and Sons, Ltd, makers of Bar One cigarettes! Learn about affording stuff the only educational way - with a comic strip!

See? You can afford anything if you switch to a cheaper cigarette, and buy it with the savings. Here's a link to help us understand British money in 1952. If the price difference is too small, like, say, "10/-" (which means "10 shillings"). A shilling was 1/20 of a pound. So, Bar One cigarettes save Jim and Margaret half a pound per week. If, for some reason, that wasn't enough to buy a TV, then they simply weren't smoking enough! Smoke more to save more! Got it.

Anyway, here's Jim looking happy. Of course he's happy. He's smoking a Bar One! He's also happy because he has a transparent background. Why not print him out, roll him up, and smoke him? That's how you save REAL money on cigarettes! You're welcome!

Click for big.

Click for big.


Steve Miller said...

Say, that's some swell hand-lettering!

Tobias Mann said...

- Smoke more to save more -

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