Expo '67 - The future was then!

Breaking news now, from Expo '67! Everything will look cool in the future! No it didn't. The actual future seldom lives up to the giddy optimism of the World's Fair. Ah well. We'll always have these pictures from the April 28th, 1967 issue of LIFE magazine.

The Australian pavilion. Nope. Those picto-trumpets aren't video screens. They're just backlit photos. Expensive and elaborate? Check. Cool looking? Super check. Loud? Not check.

The Cuban pavilion, which came in a flat box and was assembled with a 5mm hex wrench (included) in about three hours.

The Jenga Japan pavilion.

La Ronde, a futuregasmic amusement park just inside the gates of the expo.


Steve Miller said...

There wouldn't have been a picture of the Iannis Xenakis sound sculpture in from of the French pavilion in that article, I suppose?

Steve Miller said...

make that "in front of"...

Ace said...

The sculpture was actually in the large atrium in the center of the building.


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