Popular Science Monthly. May, 1927. - Cover art Graphic Gift!

Lately we've been posting some great stuff from this old issue of Popular Science Monthly. Today, please enjoy the beautiful cover art, which I have half a mind to get printed as a poster. Conveniently, it scales perfectly to 18x24, one of the three sizes Vistaprint will do up for you.

Click for big.
 It would look even more impressive at 24x36, , which is the biggest size Vistaprint can make, but the numbers come up less perfect for our PopSciMo cover (24 wide by 32 high). I guess you could add some more of that black background around the edge to fill in extra space to get to a nice round number without too much trouble.

The Phil Are GO! Graphic Blandishment and Photoshoppery Brigade did some light restoration to the artwork. We did some color adjustment, without crushing the light colors to white, of course. There's some mild saturation enhancement, too. But the worst was the giant "5¢" penciled in on the cover. Thank you, rummage sale curator from decades past, for not giving a shit about ancient ephemera. Also, somebody blew their nose on the guy's left arm, which we valiantly tried to remove, with some dot pattern borrowed from other places on his person. Everything we did we an attempt to sweeten in a tiny bit without ruining the oldness of it.

I posted it at 3000 pixels high, but Blogger has some size limit about images. Let's see what size it downloads at. UPDATE: It looks like Blogger auto-sizes large images to 1600 px in the longest dimension. Boooooo!

Here's the original version, unfiltered, for your sanitation.

Click for big, if that's what you're into.


Steve Miller said...

Artist is Herbert Paus -- have we addressed him before?


Also recommended: Google image search.

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