Wheaties' Wheirdest Ad

This looks like a standard, monumentally unfunny comic in The Saturday Evening Post, but it's actually a monumentally unfunny ad for Wheaties. Wheird. Was this something they used to do? Stealth ads? I guess advertisers are always keep to trick you into reading an ad... because, nothing makes people buy stuff like being tricked and (probably) annoyed, right?

Anyway, like most corporate humor, this ad is basically humorless, unless you're the type that finds personal mutilation funny. Hmm, maybe the ad is kind of funny after all? Anyway, let's see if we can "plus it up", as they say in The Biz...

EDIT: This wasn't a normal captions post, so it didn't occur to me to tack on the "Commenter jokes will be added" yadda yadda. But, since Jim D. has chosen to be a wisenheimer (Yep! I said it!) and throw in a new caption. O Come all Ye Jokeful.

[Commenter jokes will be added to the post.    -Mgmt.]

From Jim D. - "Man! At least you're not gonna need a new glove!


Jim D. said...

Man! At least you're not gonna need a new glove!

Anonymous said...

Weird? Yes!
Drawn by master cartoonist and certifiable genius Virgil Partch? Also yes.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Hey, thanks for the cartoonist I.D., Nanny-Mouse! Please come again.


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