Blackhawk Vintage Classic 2014 Group 2, and maybe some 8.... and a 6. - Production-Based sports cars with small and big engines.

Our coverage of the Blackhawk Vintage Classic continues this morning with (I'm pretty sure) definitely group 2 and maybe some group 8 cars. These are production-based cars like Alfa Romeo, Austin-Healey, Lotus, and Datsun. The engine displacement seems ot be what send them into one group or another.

The front of a Lotus 7, fenders and nose.

The motor of the same car. Nice trumpets.

Widely regarded as the happiest can on Earth, the Austin-Healey Sprite, or "Frogeye Sprite", as the English call it. Mazda tried to do something like this when they painted an idiot grin on their Mazda 3 in the form of a huge fake grille, done in black plastic. It looked stupid.

Some teams go hard core, like these guys and their old Chevy race van.

Here is a failed attempt at a pan shot. Camera on auto focus stationary on a tripod. Everything is tack-sharp, of course, but there's no energy. The cars might as well be parked. No blur, and no sense of motion. I got better as the day went on.

An Alfa Romeo, followed by a Datsun 510.

Unrestricted Mustangs are really really loud.

A 1980s Toyota MR2!

This is a Lotus Europa, one of the lowest cars I've ever seen. It barely comes up to the guy's belt. These are pretty rare.

We saw this group 6 E-Type Jag at last year's Vintage Classic, but it's hard to say no to an E-Type. The owner was very friendly and told me all about the car. It's a replica of a specific race car built from a production E-Type. It began life as a coupe, but lost it's roof to become the replica racer.

Not a great pan shot. It looks like it's just sitting there. The Jag deserves better!


Jim D. said...

Oh my. These are nice! And a good reminder that I'm supposed to pester my dad for his 8mm stuff from Elkhart Lake back in the early 70's . . .

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Thanks, Jim! Please harass the crap out of your dad. The world needs those pictures/movies/souvenir keychains from The Seventies!


Steve Miller said...

All I saw this weekend was a bunch of Porsches, and a Lotus roadster of some sort being driven at about 3 miles an hours by a little old man. Oh yeah, and some new Lotus.

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