Indian Motorcycles - Sporting blood.

No, it's not "spurting blood". It says "SPORTing blood". The Fellowship of Men with Spurting Blood (FMSB) still has trouble with new enrollment. Maybe they should change the name? Nope, this ad is just about motorcycles.

Since this is 1931, the copy gets a little fervent describing the product. The "fraternity of 'men with sporting blood'". "The thrill of throbbing power". At least hey did have the good taste to leave off the "between your thighs" part, which would have been a  perfectly reasonable description, I suppose.

Hey, is that ken doll shooting mind beams out of his head? Maybe Indian isn't talking about the throbbing power of the bike after all? This guy has throbbing brain energy, and any who stand in his way will soon be members of the Fellowship of Men with Spurting Blood.


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