Road America, The Hawk 2014 - Part 1

Road America's The Hawk did not disappoint. This years' theme of Can-Am promised lots of cars from the 60s and 70s with nearly unlimited engines sizes and nearly obscene body shapes. Here's the first batch of photos.

I was using an old 1972 Nikon lens adapted to my camera, and it refused to focus sharply. So, I abandoned it after a little while. My apologies for these first few squishy photos. I'll be apologizing for other photos later on for different reasons.

An original Ford GT40 for sale. $150,000. A nice grocery-getter.

An AC Cobra. Not for sale.

This Porsche 356 was the granddad to the VW Beetle was a direct descendant of the VW Beetle, and was the first car to ever carry the Porsche badge. You can see the family resemblance. Hat tip to Alert Reader John Stubbs for pointing out that I had the relationship backwards.

I'm not sure how this thing qualifies as "vintage", but I didn't demand any explanations.

This next bunch of pictures was taken with a no-name security camera lens stuck on my camera. The swirly soft edges are nice for portraits, but not for cars. Lesson learned. Sorry.

Since The Hawk is the biggest vintage event of the year at Road America, it brings out all kinds of cars intended for display only. THis is the first BMW Isetta I have ever seen in the flesh. The front of it opens like a fridge.

This tent was full of old Morgans. Morgan is an English company famous for their wood-chassis cars. This three-wheel design has a motorcycle engine mounted in front.

Every Lola I've ever seen has been unbelievably gorgeous. I guess there simply are no ugly Lolas.

Until today, I had never heard of Ginetta. The company is British. Don't let the name fool you.

A couple of Lolas' bodies. The rest af the cars are in the background.


Boo Long said...

Morgan chassis are steel and always have been.. It's just the body framework that's traditionally built in ash.

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