Breeze Soap - Calbert and Patsy.

Calbert and Patsy were courting. Today they decided to court in the country. And why not? Because of Breeze soap, they were both country-fresh.

 "Why, I do believe that today we sparkle." said Calbert. "Oh to be sure!" said Patsy. "For you and I have toileted with Breeze Soap this morning." "Aren't you feeling confident, Calbert?" patsy asked. "Oh gosh yes, Patsy!" said Calbert. "Say, I've got a devilish idea. Since we're in the country, and feeling so fresh, let's you and I go and frolic in the underbrush. I expect there'll be leaves to be found." "Oooooh, how grand!" Patsy enthused. "It will be ever so ebullient of us to caper in such a fashion!."

Calbert and Patsy flounced over to the undergrowth, where there were ever so many leaves. It was very country-fresh. "Do you know, Patsy, I believe that we are cool-limbed." speculated Calbert. Patsy didn't take but a moment to consider. "Oh, I should say so. You know how Breeze has such mild yet invigorating lather. I think we are cool-limbed. I can't ever recall feeling more cool-limbed that we are today." Said Patsy. "It makes me feel confident."

Calbert and Patsy were so country-fresh in the leaves that they chose to live in a hedge, near the road, forever and ever. They bathe in a puddle and the townsfolk are afraid to talk to them. The End.


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