Bulmer's Cider - Apple season.

Maybe your family likes to go out into the crisp autumn air and go apple picking. After the excitement and arguing, bickering and possible whining of taking the family out, you deserve a nice drink of cider. In fact, screw the apples. Just go buy some cider.

Here in America, various kinds of "hard cider" are all the rage in your liquor aisle now, but England has been hep to the jive for some time. This ad for Bulmer's is from 1947, for example. There's an annoying brand I see in the stores a lot now called "Angry Orchard" that, in typical American advertising fashion, has an evil grinning apple tree on the label. Americans can't resist trying to make everything all badass or "extreme", even when it's something that's basically a candy-flavored alternative to beer. The only time Americans seem to exercise a little tasteful restraint is when in comes to tasteful restraint itself.

The English, as always, do it without the shoutiness of a cartoon woodchuck or angry tree. Strongbow comes to mind. Bulmer's has a nice simple label, too. And, as it turns out, they're still around.  Good for them. Cider is pretty yummy. But because of the sweetness, drinking more than one is a bit of a push for me. Still good, though.

Did someone say they need clip art of a guy polishing off a rock glass? No? Well, go and ask everyone until someone says "yes" just to make you go away. Maybe this thirsty dandy can be useful for your next party invitation. Right click him into a nice long nap on your hard drive. You're welcome.

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Ypek said...

What's wrong with the man's pinky finger? It seems very long and has a strange angle. Too much cider, maybe?

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