LaSalle Extension University - The pinchworthy future you deserve.

Career news now, from 1960. The news is this: accounting is where it's at, man! Stop getting hassled by the man and come get a little shagged. Account!

You're sitting there thinking that the ad biz was the only biz where everybody swung and got some sugar under the desk. Nuh-uh. Accounting, baby! Observe this vibrant young go-getter going and getting himself some sweet boob action. See? he can tweak nipples all day long and not get in trouble because The Sixties, baby! Mef, you naughty boy, you're lucky you don't sue yourself for sexual hostile workplace or something. But what am I saying? It's The Sixties! Mef can molest himself all day long and still get a paycheck, because everyone just thought that's how it was. Those were the days.

Become an accountant, for the nipple-pinchingly good career you deserve.

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