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Steam-powered, butane-fueled motorcycle is somehow preferable to one that is just butane-powered. Inventor dislikes questions. Very slowly sped away after igniting boiler, waiting for water to boil, and adequate steam pressure to build.

Home-made baby terrifyer is cheaper than commercially-available forms
of baby torment, allows you to capture magic moment of adorable horror.

Graduated tempered-glass monkey mug is tough enough for monkey use,
accurate enough to prevent accidental over-roofieing of monkeys.

Tire-Flator fills leaky tire from spare, resulting in two tires at half-pressure soon, two flat tires later.


Fil said...

haha nice rip on the tire-flator. so true.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

I know. A good first question for these inventions is "Why didn't this catch on?" and the answer usually becomes pretty obvious. In this case, instead of jacking and lug-nutting, you make two tires useless. Brilliant. Thanks, Fil!


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