The Painted Wall

Joke #1 -  A Sherwin Williams hand model demonstrates their new extra-capacity Spectra-Lux paint cannister, which features a molded hand grip and super-wide mouth for maximum dispersion. The company promises the new painting tool will allow customers to paint a room in half the time at twice the distance.

Joke #2 - Mrs. Rorschach freshens up the sitting room for spring.

Joke #3 - New York Fashion Week's "Hot for Winter" 2014... Sheep's blood in. Goat's blood out.

Joke #4 - After investigating the strange paint-splattered wall, experts could not explain why anyone would do something so strange, and why paint would drip in exactly such a pattern. History Channel consultants concluded it mush have been aliens.

Joke #5 - She missed again. The fly moved. This was going to get worse before it got better.


Mat Black said...

Granny never was quite the same after that steamy June night with Jackson Pollock.

Anonymous said...

In other news- Agatha Dimpole of #10 Downing Street, Sussex explains why "Sweet Grandma Dimpole's Colon-Cleansing 12 Alarm Chili" should not be eaten whilst standing on a chair in the parlor....Mr. Dimpole could not be reached for comment...Film at Eleven.


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